First Icelandic Geothermal Plant to Open Overseas

Words by Paul Nikolov
The first Icelandic geothermal plant to open overseas is now fully operational in El Salvador.

Designed and built by Iceland's Enex corporation, the plant will supply 9.3 MW of power. The project was a part of an agreement between Enex and El Salvador's LaGeo corporation, in a deal that earned Iceland 13 million USD.

Apart from Enex, the Icelandic companies Mannvit (formerly VGK), Rafteikning and Verkís (Fjarhitun) also took part in the plants design and contruction. While, the El Salvador plant was built an area already being tapped for geothermal power by two other plants, the Enix plant utilizes a moden closed-circulation system considered more energy efficient.

Iceland's geothermal technology has been an increasing area of focus in
the new economy, as Iceland seeks to diversify its revenue base.

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