Snorri Helgason: I'm Gonna Put My Name On Your Door (2009)

Solo stuff suits sixties-shagger, Sprengjuhöllin’s Snorri, sometimes.
Words by Joe Shooman
This debut solo album takes in country-blues (The Silence Of The Night) , a kinda hoedown rock (Freeze-out) and purer, Donovan-ish folk (Carol, She’s A Meadow) in its flighty meander through familiar, non-groundbreaking but undoubtedly excellent songwriting. This is the kind of thing McCartney would dash off before breakfasting on weed sandwiches and writing songs about frogs and pipes of peace; something like Don’t Let Her the kind of sound that Lennon would sing to himself staggering down the street drunk. It occasionally misses the mark (Gone would be better to take its own advice). But let’s face it; there are worse influences to have than The Beatles, and whether lovelorn stomp or wistful slap-back FX and sparse acoustica Helgason just about gets it right more than wrong.

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