The Naked Ape

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The vibrant designer shop The Naked Ape, located in a spacious second floor at Bankastræti, is undoubtedly the liveliest shopping destination you’ll find in the city. Only a few days ago, the shop experienced a complete transformation, the floor was painted in bright colours and the space stuffed with brand new designer wear for the summer, all for us shoppers to enjoy.
Naked Ape’s amazing variety of crazy colourful street-clothing has made the shop a hit among its arty clientele – people who want to dress in cool yet comfortable clothing that complements well their outgoing mentality. Since opening in 2005, the shop has been most famous for the hooded sweatshirts, T-shirts and leggings designed by the owners and hand-printed with different patterns, graphics and figures. The girls especially love the long hoodies, perfect to wear with thick leggings and a pair of boots, and now there’s plenty to choose from.
In addition to their own fashion line they offer a selection of Icelandic music, books on art and design, accessories such as freaky sunglasses, shoes, handbags and numerous other curious things. Even adorable Hektoj baby clothes from Copenhagen designer brand Devandervar. As if all this shouldn’t be enough, there’s even more to come. The Smeilinener clothing line from Berlin will hit the store any day now, as will all sorts of crazy accessories form the New York based jewellery company Arms and Armory. Today, this large creative space is literally screaming for joy!

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