Icelandic Cloud Storage Server Launched

Words by Paul Fontaine
A new company in Iceland is offering cloud storage services, emphasising the environmental aspect of the servers' power source

Cloud storage is essentially the storing of personal data on a remote server, to be accessed by one or more users. This purportedly frees up space on a user's own machine, and keeps their documents, videos, music and other data safe in the event the user's computer is lost, stolen or destroyed.

Greenqloud, an Icelandic-based cloud server, means to get in on the act of this burgeoning part of the tech world. What sets them apart, they contend, is that their servers are powered by clean geothermal and hydropower.
Greenqloud makes use of renewable hydro and geothermal energy. By doing so, it reduces the carbon footprint of storage to a greater degree. While this may still not be as green as the Amazon Forest (literally) it is definitely one of those steps in the right direction to make our computing infrastructure more environment friendly.
Greenqloud also aims to be making their services aimed towards the more affordable end of the scale.

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