Google Chrome: Most Popular Browser In Iceland

Words by Paul Fontaine
Google Chrome has now surpassed Firefox as the most popular browser of choice in Iceland.

According to data culled from Stat Counter, in July 2011, 31.37% of internet users in Iceland used Chrome as their browser, surpassing Firefox, at 31.12%.

The above graph covers July 2008 to July 2011. Chrome, represented by the green line, has been climbing steadily since it first appeared on the Icelandic internet in August 2008. Firefox, represented by the orange line, has by contrast been experiencing a gradual decline.

Internet Explorer, the third most popular browser, has also been experiencing a downward trend, while Opera, apart from an inexplicable spike in June 2009, has been mostly flatlining.

In related news, statistics over the same time period regarding operating systems have been unsurprising - Windows 7 is the top OS in the country, while older versions of Windows are on the decline, and OS X and Linux remain relatively steady.

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