Trassar - Amen

Words by Bogi Bjarnason
I do not have the faintest idea what this is and lacking any kind of musical reference point I don´t know how to pass judgement. There is some blatant Bush-bashing going down here and a bit of Bible belittlement to boot, so a few points are definitely scored. Guitarist Rúnar wields poetic prowess like a velvet scythe and if only his string strumming would produce songs half the brilliance of what drips out of his pen these guys might actually catch my ear for longer then a nano-second. But they don´t. The clean singing grates my eardrums and neither guitar nor drums show signs of aspiration. Having said that, track number 5, “Tveir Þrestir”, might grow on me – as it lacks the false metal pretense of its brethren – but ultimately this piece of plastic best serves as a beer coaster while sipping a brew and diving head first into the mesmerizing lyrical booklet. BB
Iceland Excursions
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